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The founders of Supervets, Dr Anthony & Dr Ray met each other whilst studying Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland. It was their similar fun-loving, larger than life personalities as well as their obvious passion for their chosen vocation that resulted in a solid friendship.

After graduating, both Dr Anthony and Dr Ray worked for several years within other clinics, before realising their dream to build their own. They set out with the same shared vision which was to improve service and quality of care for both their patients and their clients.

Their mission and intentions were clear:

  • Bring the vet hospital on the road to see pets at the home.
  • Open a 24 hour hospital and never charge any after hours fees. They never wanted clients to feel like they needed to wait it out till the next business day due to financial strain if their pet was unwell out of standard consult hours.
  • Building a solid workplace full of positive, like-minded team players.
  • Investing in state of the art equipment and diagnostic tools.
  • Putting a large emphases on prevention.
  • Developing a personal relationship with their clients and patients and being apart of the family. Ensuring they always feel heard and supported throughout their journey.
Dr Ray Baxter & Dr Anthony Cassimatis

In 2012, their dream became a reality – SuperVets was born!

From humble beginnings, Dr Ray and Dr Anthony would walk the streets of Bayside Brisbane handing out letter box advertising material to promote their then budding veterinary house call business. With countless hours, passion and endless determination, less than one year later our purpose-built Manly West hospital was completed for surgical and hospitalised requirements, and within 1 year after this was a fully functioning 24hr hospital.

In 2017 we made the leap to the Northside of Brisbane and opened our second hospital in the suburb of Hendra.
It’s currently operational during the hours of Mon-Fri with any hospitalised patients or emergency cases being referred onto Manly West hospital outside these hours with the vision to make extend hours to 24/7 in the future. 

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For all emergencies please present immediately to our 24 hour hospital in Manly West.

To make an appointment to see a vet at your home or in one of our two hospitals please call our reception team directly on (07) 38930509.