Emergency & Critical Care

At Supervets we operate a primary health care service alongside an emergency veterinary service.
This means we see patients by appointment and also respond to emergencies that may present. We value your time and will always endeavour to run on schedule however due to the unpredictable nature of emergencies there may be occasions where the vet is running late as they respond to critically unwell patients. We will always prioritise care.

If you deem your pet requires urgent medical treatment please present to our Manly West hospital at any time, no appointment necessary. From initial assessment, if your pet requires immediate attention we will transfer them directly to our treatment area to commence emergency care.

It can be beneficial calling ahead of time in the case of a emergency. We can provide first aid directions and advice that may be able to aid in your pets outcome during or prior to transportation. A notification call can allow for the vet and vet nurses to prepare for your pets arrival and reduce the delay to treatment.

Our team is fully-trained and skilled in Emergency Medicine, we have the facilities, medications and equipment to treat and respond to any and all life-threatening cases.

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Do I need to make an appointment or call ahead for an urgent matter / emergency?

No appointment necessary, we strongly advise you present immediately to our Manly West hospital. We have emergency trained vets and vet nurses staffed around the clock ready to respond and treat your pet.
Only if you are able or have a support person with you who is able we recommend phoning ahead to notify us that would be advantageous as we would then be able to prepare for your arrival dependant on your pets emergent needs.

What happens if my pet needs hospitalisation?

Our veterinarians will assess you pet and propose a treatment plan which will include their professional recommendation on appropriate diagnostic tests and management of care. This will also include an estimate of costs. During this time we encourage you to ask any question about your pets proposed care plan and their condition. We will work with you to find a treatment plan you are comfortable with.
During the hospitalisation you will receive regular updates from our vet nurses and vets. You can come and visit your pet while its in hospital as much as you like, we just ask you give us a courtesy call prior to your arrival.


Do you offer payment plans?

We understand that veterinary care can be expensive however you will appreciate our services receives no government funding.
We aren’t affliated with any third party payment plan structure.
After a treatment plan is agreed upon we ask for a 50% deposit of total estimated costs to be paid. We will be in continuous communication with you throughout the hospitalisation and we will always contact you if there is any change to the treatment necessary for your pet or any change in their condition that may affect the costs.
On discharge, we will request the remaining balance be paid in full. We accept cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

Can I visit my pet in hospital?

Of course you can & we encourage owners to do so.
Please just give us a courtesy phone call to let our team know when you’ll be coming.

How will I receive updates on my pets care?

We understand it can be very worrisome having your pet in hospital so will endeavour to keep you updated regularly on all aspects of their care.
You will receive phone calls and text messages and can phone our specialised vet nurse line at anytime to get further information.

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I have tried many vets, in hopes of finding “the right vet” for my dog, my cat and my bird. After years of searching, I stumbled across Anthony at Supervets, when it was time to lay to rest our beautiful Collie. Anthony came to our home. He explained the process with a manner full of grace and care. Words can not express the difference Anthony made during this passing of our beloved dog. Genuine, professional, kind, thoughtful, understanding and humane. Anthony is more than we thought we could find in a veterinarian, as are the others working with Supervets. We now have another dog and Anthony and Ray look after him with genuine care and extensive knowledge. We found the vets we were searching for and we recommend Supervets to anyone wanting honest and genuinely caring veterinarian care for their pets. AND realistic charges that are not hidden nor deceptive. Worth every cent!

Laura Brown