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We know how much your pet means, their not just an animal – they are family.
Our vets can come to your home to put your pet to sleep, we strive to make it the most beautiful passing. Your home is familiar to your pet and provides a comforting environment for you to say goodbye.
There will be numerous decisions you need to make in your pets life but the most important being when it’s their time. We will support you and your family through this difficult and trying time. We live by the mantra ‘beautiful life, beautiful ending’.
A pets quality of life can deteriorate from disease, age or injury which may make you consider the emotional and personal decision of humane euthanasia and when the right time is to say goodbye.

If your pet is having more ‘bad’ days than ‘good’ days, is disinterested in activities they once got enjoyment from, don’t want to eat or drink, appear to be in pain these are indication your pets quality of life is deteriorating and humane euthanasia should be considered.

Palliative care is an option if your pet is suffering from a terminal illness and a cure is not possible, its focus being on patient comfort. The goal is to make a pet’s final days or weeks more pleasant with the proper use of pain medications and dietary strategies.
We provide our continuous support to you through this sensitive end-of-life journey.

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Can I request a home euthanasia?

We strongly recommend a home euthanasia. It provides private, comforting and familiar environment for your family to say your final goodbyes to your loved pet. We will come to you at no additional cost.

What can I expect?

We will do everything to provide your pet a painless, peaceful and loving passing.
Once your family are ready and after numerous treats and pats we will administer a pain relief medication to relax your pet prior to giving the euthanasia drug.

What are the burial services offered?

There are three options. We can handle cremation without return of ashes, you can take your pet for personal burial or we can refer you onto another business called Pets and Peace who offer a variety of cremation services with ashes returned.

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Great team of vets and nurses here. They’ve looked after our golden retrievers for 4 years now and we couldn’t fault them. Very professional, full of knowledge and love for your family pets.

- Ellie Crisp