Blood & Pathology Testing

Supervets has a tertiary laboratory with high-quality testing machinery.
We are proud to include the SDMA which is a new marker to identify kidney disease. This kind of pathology testing provides a more sensitive indicator. We also have a Sediview urine analysis which can identify if your pet has a urinary tract infection; biochemistry which looks at the animals basic metabolic panel measures such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, creatinine, glucose etc; CBC testing which is a broad screening test to check for such disorders as anaemia, infection, and many other diseases. All of this just means we can process a large variety of tests in-house allowing us to get quicker results for your pet. This is imperative in Emergency Care as results can dictate what treatments are commenced therefore can improve pets survival chances tremendously.

Laboratory testing is an important diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. When a pet visits our emergency hospital, they are often in need of more than just a routine check up. Having a Lab and Pathology access provides many advantages to your pets care.

– Extensive test menu, including specialty tests
– Outstanding test accuracy and quality control
– Professionally trained lab personnel
– Shared relationship between our hospital, reference laboratory, and clients

Blood & Pathology Testing
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What tests can you perform in-house?

Blood panels, histology testing and urine analysis.

How long does it take for results?

It will depend what kind of test, if the type of pathology can be tested in our laboratory or has to be transported out of the hospital to IDEXX for testing. Speak with your vet to get an accurate time frame.

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Dr Anthony and his crew genuinely care about your pets. They have a deep understanding that your pet is part of your family, not just some animal, and show kindness and sensitivity when dealing with pet owners. I feel like they care for my pets as much as I do

- Sammy Monahan