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We recommend yearly health checks for your pets, and we’re not the only one The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) also supports this stating that dogs and cats should have check-ups annually. Pet’s on average age seven times faster than humans so it’s essential they have regular check-ups.

During this consultation, your pet will have a thorough nose to tail assessment looking at their ears, eyes, coat, skin and auscultating their heart and lungs. From this history and exam we can identify any signs of early disease processes and provide education to ensure your pet lives a long and happy life.

This health assessment provides a holistic approach to pet health. We will discuss preventatives and review the regime you are using, assess your pets body condition and provide tips on diet, ensure your pet is up to date with vaccinations and dental hygiene. By seeing your pet annually for this heath review we are able to get a baseline of their health and track it which will provide us a better means of identifying any changes and early detection of disease.

Prevention is always better than a cure!

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What does a health check involve?

One of our Supervets will assess your dog thoroughly at a check–up to look for any signs of illness or other problems.
The vet will weigh your dog to check it’s body condition, assess skin and coat health, eyes and ears, mouth and teeth, palpate its body for any masses or lumps, exam it’s limbs and range of motion testing. They will ask about vaccine, worming, tick and flea preventatives.

This also provides a good opportunity to ask one of our vets about any questions or concerns you may have with your pet.

We also recommend adding an annual blood test which provides us with a bigger picture of your pets health.


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Great team of vets and nurses here. They’ve looked after our golden retrievers for 4 years now and we couldn’t fault them. Very professional, full of knowledge and love for your family pets.

- Ellie Crisp