Behaviour Consults

Behaviour management requires a multi-modal approach using a combination of training, pheromones and medications.

Animal behaviour and training is vital to maintaining a healthy pet owner bond. Behavioural issue may involve barking, toileting issues aggression and much more. Without intervention such behaviours progressively will worsen and put strain on the pet owner bond. Currently thousands of animals are abandoned each year as a result of bad behaviour making them unable to be rehomed and resulting in their euthanasia by shelters.

At SuperVets we are determined to strengthen the client patient bond through addressing any behavioural issues that you may be having. Once the issues is understood and diagnosed our vets will determine the appropriate course of action and if required, develop a treatment regime in conjunction with a behavioural training program. This can be done within a normal consultation or may be the sole purpose that you wish to see us.

Behaviour Consults
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What are the behavioural issues you treat?

We can see your pet for a variety of pet behavioural aberrations.
We can give you advice and offer solutions to the following behavioural issues:
– Aggression (biting, mouthing)
– Panic related disorders
– Phobias (storms, noises)
– Anxiety issues (separation-related)
– House training (toileting, destructive tendencies)
– Roaming / escaping
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