Dr Ray Baxter

Dr Ray Baxter

Co-Owner / Senior Veterinarian

Vet Background


Ray Baxter was born in Melbourne, Victoria, and then studied at Gregory Terrace College in Brisbane, graduating in 2003.

Ray started his veterinary career working for Greencross Vets, Redbank Plains prior to creating Supervets.
There, in one of Brisbane’s busiest veterinary hospitals dealing with a great variety of cases, he developed a special interest in animal breeding, working with police dogs and internal medicine.


Accredited Hospital


Ray started out in university studying science then transferred into Veterinary Science at University of Queensland, graduating with honours.


We love what we do

Special Interest

Ray has a special interest in complex surgery and emergency medicine.

He is also passionate about veterinary education and will regularly speak at events and conferences.
Supervets hold regular workshops and seminars about relevant pet topics such as breed nights and first aid in which he enjoys presenting.



Inspiration to become a Vet

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

I came from a low socio-economic area; unfortunately, my parents could never afford appropriate veterinary care for our dog, Rover, whom we had rescued from a house fire. Rover subsequently died giving birth to her third unplanned litter of pups — something which could easily have been prevented.

For this reason, I believe strongly in education, and I have set out to assure that such events do not happen to any of our clients and patients. I truly believe that all pets can be our best friends, as we rely on them as much as they rely on us. Research has established beyond doubt that pets decrease human anxiety, help to reduce blood pressure, and increase human longevity and quality of life.



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